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    sharing dial-up connection with windowz

    hell o,i've really got a big problem with the big mess of windowZ,i can't share my connection with windows dial-up connection,and i've just bought SuSE 9.1 and it really great...but the thing is i can't share my connection with windows..i wanted to share my connection with other client. how do i get connected with other client, my client using winXP pro and i wanted linux SuSE to be the server. The server can access the windows file system, but XP client could not share the linux connection. How do i share the connection, do i need third party prog? plzzzzzzzzzzzz sumbody help me!!!plzz i really do need help....

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    lets have your configuration this way:

    Linux box:
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Dialup Connection enabled and connected to NET

    Windows box:
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Gateway : ( IP of Linux box)


    You'll be connected to Internet NOW.

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    hehe thanx 4 the brialliant idea..whut a man..but there is another prob..i'm changing those config turn it into like this

    Server:Windowz XP(damn!)

    client:Linux SuSE 9.1
    default gateway:

    but when i turn it into another way like

    Server:Linux SuSE 9.1

    client:windowz XP
    default gateway:

    it can't be connected when i wanted to share files or connected to the internet whereas when i'm using windows as a server it linux client can be connected to windows server...

    i'm wonder how to share linux connection because i wanted 2 use linux as a server not the windows anyway. So i really need a help to config the linux server so i can use the windows client to connect to linux box so i can surf the internet using linux as a server..plzz...ANYBODY HELP ME!!!

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    you need to enable ip forward

    You'll need to enable ipv4 forward kernel parameter to ensure that all ip packets pass from your server's nic to you're dial-up interface (usualy ppp0) and vice-versa.

    Just google a while for "ip forward linux" or "linux sharing internet" and you'll get there easy.

    In general you'll need also fine ip configurations and routing tables to get all running:

    In the linux (server sharing internet)
    ip: aaa.bbb.ccc.d

    In the windows (client from linux server)
    ip: aaa.bbb.ccc.e
    gw: aaa.bbb.ccc.d - server ip address

    Take a look at the dns servers used with your service provider.

    Hope it help.

    Sory my bad english.
    Here in Portugal GNU/linux is getting strong and well accepted, but a lot we have to do to take it to the right place.

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