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    looking for net send type service

    on windows there was this nifty program called net, which could do among other things send a message to any other computer on my network, or any network i was on. the sytax was NET SEND X.X.X.X "message"
    you could use this as a simple way to get some one in the house's attention and stuff, and i was wondering if there was a linux program that i could use to do the same thing. one that would work with the windows one so that i could both send and receive messages from people on the network who weren't using a linux box. nay ideas, i tryed to find one on google but didnt have much time and couldn't find any thing.

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    You will need to install samba first (, and configure it so you are in the same work group as your windows boxes.

    Then goto this link which explains sending and receiving "net send" messages under the title "Send/Recieve a "WinPopup" Message:".


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    i'll give that a try next time i get a chance.

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