I have a Toshiba Portégé 7020CT Notebook with built-in Toshiba FIR port. The driver is toshoboe. It is a dual boot RedHat 9/Windows XP, and I have no problem using the FIR Port to print to my HP Laserjet 6P. However when I try to configure printing using the same FIR port with the same HP Laserjet 6P, it won't work. The FIR doesn't seem to be sending out IR waves even though I have configured a printer on /dev/ircomm0, the location of my FIR. I have downloaded IrDa and installed it, but it doesn't have any support for printing. I have googled this, and all I get are references to IrDa. Is there another version I need to download that supports printing? Any help would be welcome!