I have a linux workstation which has to stream huge MULTICAST traffic (mjpeg video) over a LAN.
In order to avoid multicast flooding, I have connected all the hosts (including the streamer) to a layer-3 switch with IGMP-snooping support. Therefore, I need that the streamer operates as multicast router.
I've noticed that my compiled kernel (2.6.x) isn't configured to work as a multicast router (CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST, CONFIG_IP_MROUTE etc. are not set) so, before starting a new kernel compilation/optimization (that could require some time) I would ask if this sequence of operations is correct, in order to make all work (without wasting too much time, since I already suppose that there is additional stuff to do):

1) firstly I recompile the kernel enabling MC support
2) then I install a MC routing daemon. I've found PIMd, mrouted and SMCRouter: which one do you suggest for 2.6.x kernel?
3) in order to make sure that the workstation is now operating a MC router i examine the result of this ping: ping
4) is there anything that I should check under /proc/net?
5) after 1,2 the layer-3 switch must detect the workstation's host as a MC router, right?
6) when streaming multicast traffic I can check if IGMP membership queries (not reports) are periodically sent from the workstation

Is this a good way of proceeding? Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Paolo Prete