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    Linux as a network hub?

    Hey guys. I recently got a home file FTP server setup for backups and such. I wanted to set it up with a wireless card so that I could have it in a different room than the router. After some work due to a poor choice in wireless cards, I managed to get this setup fairly well. However, I have a few more computers that I would like to set it up without having to spend more money on wireless cards and without having to go through the trouble of configuring each of them (the main issue being the price as I am incredibly cheap). So, I'm hoping that there is a way to plug in three or four wired network cards that I have lying around into that computer and use it as a hub for the other computers connected to it, a secondary gateway sort of thing that would allow them to access the main network through the wireless card in the hub. Is there any way to do this?

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    You could do this, but you might encounter problems with subnets and routing, and with straight through or crossover network cables. You might also run out of PCI slots for the extra network cards. You'd probably find it a lot easier to get a cheap network switch or hub, you can get 8 port ones for about ten quid (less than twenty dollars) these days.
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    Hmm... I think that I have the network cards lying around, so I'd prefer my solution. What software would I need to do this? Also, is there a way to run them as a single server, parallel, when I don't want to use them separately? I heard about parallel knoppix, but if I got the right idea, there are very few apps that actually run in parallel.

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