I'm trying to figure out how to make myself a specialized router out of an old pc.

I currently run two operating systems on my main computer, BeOS R5 and Win 2k. I want to be able to access my local wireless network in BeOS but unfortunately it doesn't support my Ralink based (rt2561) wireless PCI card.

The idea I had to solve this was to build some kind of networking/router box out of the spare computer parts I have.

By putting the wireless card in the router box then running a cable from its NIC to the NIC on my main computer, so I could access the network(and internet) through the NIC on my main computer. In this way I'm hoping to bypass the compatibility issues with my wireless card.

Also to get some added use out of the router box, I might like to put a few extra hard drives in it to make it into a file server.

I'm failry new and inexperienced with Linux and was hoping if someone could offer some advice on getting such a setup running.