i have 2 modems at my small office and im trying to setup source based policy routing.
ive read a little bit and think i have the gist of it, however im running into a strange problem
that isnt related to my routing configuration at all (my hunch).

ive configured the kernel on my router for policy routing as shown

    * IP: advanced router
      Choose IP: FIB lookup algorithm (choose FIB_HASH if unsure) (FIB_HASH) --->
    * IP: policy routing

after compiling, updating grub.conf (moving image to /boot of course) and reboot; the ip rule command shows nothing

      kingfisher linux # ip rule show
      kingfisher linux #

after performing the same process on another machine (that isnt going to be doing any routing) the default rules are shown

      sentineldev php5 # ip rule show
      0: from all lookup local
      32765: from lookup extra
      32766: from all lookup main
      32767: from all lookup default

this is what i expect as its what ive seen in several documents ive read.
im having issues getting source based routing to work on the former machine i mentioned, but i think it has to do with something other than the rules im trying to create because ip rule doesnt even show me the default rules once ive installed the policy routing database.

can someone steer me in the right direction on this, or suggest looking into something that i might have missed. im new to ip layer administration