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    Can't connect to the Internet when static IP is set

    Hi, I have a Belkin router at home so I am trying to set my desktop computer to have a static IP address. So I went ahead and modified the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file and I also configure my router so that it opens port 80 and 443 for the IP address Here are the new settings for eth0 file:
    I am positive that all the settings are correct, but whenever I try to use static IP I cannot connect to the internet. What could be the cause of my problem and how can I fix it? Are there any other files or settings that I need to configure to have a static IP address?
    Thank you for the help!

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    Talking Dns

    try not to use automatic obtain DNS information from provider on every pc you have whatever OS it has but use automatic DNS in the router.

    add at least two DNS in you eth device

    where to get it DNS? you can get it to the status of the router.

    Why????? I dont know but it works to my pc. I use ubuntu 6, redhat9, fedora6 and 7 distros and it works well there as long as there is a DNS manually assign to every PC..

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    Thanks for the reply. Two questions though.
    How can I manually assign my computer a DNS and what should my DNS be?
    I am using Fedora 6.

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    Talking Dns

    base from your question you are configuring your network manually. I thought...

    here is how to add DNS manually.
    edit or create a file resolv.conf and it contains only two lines the 1st and second DNS address. it resides on /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/

    but if you can add it through GUI network configuration open the netwok configuration then click on the tab DNS then just add the 2 DNS address then save and restart the network services or much better reboot your computer.

    where to get DNS address...try to call your ISP and ask them the DNS or simple open the router console then on the status of the connection you can see plainly here the DNS address then just copy it and do the what i said...

    it is a luck that i just read my e-mail oftenly and i read the mail that you post a reply to what i replied to you an hour ago.

    I am just a nebie too this is my ist year using linux and i found it very powerfull and superb and just like the other newbie I post some questions to some forums and wait two to 3 days just to solve my problem so dont discoureage cause linux is all around so you can ask anywhere without fee unlike other OS. smile coz you got friend by using linux...

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    Yea, I appreciate the help. I went ahead and added the DNS through GUI. Right after that I restarted my network and guess what? I got internet connection and a working server.

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