Morning All,

I'm working on providing a solution for my company to help accelerate our CIFS between our hq and branch offices. I have been looking at business solutions that would run the the ball park of anywhere between $10,000 to $18,000 per site (rough costs). I was wondering if anyone knew of some linux solution that might be able to help me combat this outrageous pricing with two linux machines at both ends. Ultimately, the cross chat between the machines over the WAN slow down file transfers and e-mail. I know Squid can do acceleration for http but I don't see CIFS or e-mail listed in there scope of processes that can be accelerated or supported. Any solution or information anyone can send my way would be greatly appreciated.

As I stated before I have been looking at hardware appliances from well known vendors and I'm attempting to avoid the large hit to my pocket if it is even possible.


- Matt