I'm having a little problem with my Squirrelmail. I have already setup the new server and eveything works even Squirrelmail. But I'm not sure how to transfer the content of the webmail to the new server so that it would work properly.
I've tried to copy everything form /home/$user/mail to the new /home/$user/mail but on the old user(the ones that were on the old server) I get an error.
And I have no idea what to do.
Any suggestions anyone?

The error I get:
ERROR: Could not complete request.
Reason Given: Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information.
Also I was wondering does anyone know of a good webmail that looks nice and doesn't need a database attached? Or would I be better off setting up postfix so that it reposts the emails in a database (anyone have any experience?).

Thanks for the help
and good day to all