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    NSF Mounting problem

    Hi all
    I have to servers. server1 and server2
    server1 is my primary server and I want to view a server1's directory from server2

    That's why I'm mounting from server2

    mount -t nfs server1:/home/tmp /home/tmp

    everything is ok and when I enter to server2 and type
    ls /home/tmp
    I view server1's tmp directory ...

    Then some time pass and I check but I can't see mounted directory.. I see server2's tmp directory

    Where can I check mounted directories and how can I learn why my mounted direcotry dissappeared??/


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    To see what is mounted, just type 'mount' on its own. It would be helpful here if you could say what's in '/etc/exports' on server1. What messages did you see when you mounted the directory? Does it complain if you unmount (with 'umount') and mount it once again.
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