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    please help! with incoming telnet, snoopd and auto login!!@!@

    hi there.

    i am trying to set up my old bbs under linux. i have it setup where it will run if the

    user telnets in and logs in as user bbs. however, i want it to automatically run the

    bbs when someone telnets, and it tells me (supposedly) how to. in the linux docs for

    the bbs it tells me this, as if it were running ttysnoop (not ttysnoops for kernel 2.6)

    telnet stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd in.telnetsnoopd

    now please take note that i have not found an in.telnetsnoopd on my system. since you

    know ttysnoop you may know something about this. i am not a linux hacker or anything,

    but my guess is that the in.telnetd would be repplaced with ttysnoops

    my /etc/services
    telnet 23/tcp
    telnet 23/udp

    and /etc/snooptab

    * socket login /bbs/mystic/runbbs

    finally, /bbs/mystic/runbbs

    echo -e "\033(U"
    login bbs TERM=linux

    now i am not super smart here but my guess is that the inetd.conf will have it run

    in.telnetsnoopd (which is the same as in.telnetd my guess but with snooping

    capabilities?) and then in.telnetsnoopd will grab the info from /etc/snooptab and run

    /bbs/mystic/runbbs therefore logging in as user bbs and running the bbs, making it able

    for me to snoop on the running BBS as someone is logged into the system as bbs running

    /bbs/runbbs as the shell?..

    for some reason though, when i replaced the in.telnetd with /sbin/ttysnoops i get an

    upward few beeps and it says:

    cant bind server socket (/var/spool/ttysnoop/1)

    i have checked my /var/spool and there is not a ttysnoop directory.

    basically, what i am trying to do is have my system automatically log in as user BBS

    when someone telnets in and from there run the runbbs.bat executable file, which runs

    the bbs.

    i have tried configurations in inetd.conf such as

    in.telnetd -L /bbs/mystic/mystic

    which works great, when someone telnets in it runs /bbs/mystic/mystic and they get the

    bbs, but the problem here is that /bbs/mystic is being run as user root and also I am

    unable to snoop on what is going on because there is actually no user "logged in" to

    the system...

    please, any insight would be great.
    if i dont even have to use ttysnoop to be able to have my system login as user bbs and

    run user bbs' shell then that would be great, but i would really like to have the

    ability to snoop.


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    Welcome to the forums, koojoo!

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