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    browsing history on router question


    I use a computer with linux (slackware) on it as a router. Five computers get internet access from it. Do you know if or how I can view the browsing history (in iptables) for all 5 computers from the router?

    From the command prompt, I typed "iptables -h" to get help on the commands to view and enable/disable logging. I also looked around on this forum and the internet for those commands. But no luck. Could you please help a newbie like me by telling me what the commands are for...

    1. viewing the iptables logs
    2. enabling the iptables logging
    3. and disabling the logging

    If you don't know all of these commands, one or two would be of great help. Your help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    133 <-- seems to be pretty relevant to your question. Although I dont know the slightest thing about building a slackware router, or iptables, I do know most of anything logged ends up in /var/logs/ .

    Hope I could be of some help! If not, hold tight, maybe someone who knows what they are talking about comes by
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