Hi, I wanted to try this IRC thing but, as usual, ended up with a lot of problems.
I installed irssi from my apt-get list and followed a very brief instruction manual. I tried to connect to a channel for a Danish/Swedish LUG called SSLUG and they told me to do the following:

After the installation through apt I had to open my terminal and type "irssi" and then type the following commands once a new window appeared:

/set nick "your nickname"
/set real_name "your real name"
/server add -auto -ircnet EFNet irc.inet.tele.dk
/channel add -auto #sslug EFNet

I did this (of course I did type in a username) and the program tried to connect to the server, but prompted an error message saying that my nickname was erroneous. I do not know what to do.