i have tried every atmel driver for my netgear MA101 USB wireless network adapter. nothing works. i cant get my adapter to work. i keep getting errors when i type in make all clean install or whatever it is that the intructions say to do. people tell me that mandrake 10 should just be able to accept it without the added driver but obviously that is too simple... if it helps any it is revision a...i have tried the GPLed version and the cvs snapshot...nothing seems to work...mandrake recognizes the usb hub as a wireless adapter as wlan0 which they say is what it is supposed to do but it still isnt working....the closest thing that i think i have come to is that the windows xp laptop i am on right now came up with an error earlier saying that another computer on the network was trying to use the same ip address... some one please help i have been up like 18 hours doing nothing but trying to get this stupid thing to work...it isnt for lack of trying...thank you...the linux newbie