i try to create iptables rules for block p2p network in my system with ipp2p , layer7 filter and string sniffer(-m string) that my rules can be block p2p network such as bitcomet,azueus,uTorrent etc BUT!!!!! i try to download/upload with bitcomet 0.70 that it's pass through my firewall and can be download/upload i not understand and very confuse. anyone help me or suggestion for this problem (BitComet v0.70 only can be pass through my firewall)

1. i think bitcomet 0.70 that sending or receiveing some packet that different other version of bitcomet.
2. i know that p2p network with bitcomet sending "BitTorrent","peer_id","BitTorrent protocol" for established connection. and try to block string that working other version without bitcomet 0.70

!!! Help me