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    SSH blocks my Windows machine

    At home, I have a PC running Debian. At work, I have a PC running Windows XP, and I use SSH Secure Shell Client for all my SSH needs. But here's the deal: when I try to SSH into my home (Linux) computer from work (Windows), I get no respect. I mean, it doesn't even ask me for a password. It's just "The server responded 'no further authentication methods available'" after a few seconds of trying. And I have both Public Key and Password authentication methods allowed in my connection settings.

    Now I can access my Linux box through SSH, but I have to first connect to another machine (I use a UNIX server at my school, in Connecticut) and then connect from there to my home machine, in Florida. From the UNIX server, ssh works just fine. But the 2000-mile trip to sunny New England and back plus two bouts of enrypting/decrypting are not at all friendly to performance.

    At home, in my /var/log/auth.log file, there's something to the effect of "unauthorized connection attempt from" for the first time I tried to connect and the two computers traded public keys. Other than that there are no records from my connect attempts.

    Can you think of any reason this would happen? Any pointers at all would be cool; I'm willing to learn as much as I have to on my own.

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    1. Select Edit, Select Settings...
    2. Under Settings Click to select Authentication, then add keyboard Interactive in authentication methods
    3. Click on Quick Connect
    4. Under Authentication Method: Select the drop down and select <Profile Settings>.
    5. Input your passwd
    6. click OK

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