It is common in M$ WINDOWS to allocate folders on a file server for DOMAIN users in a network. So, when a user logs into this DOMAIN, his or her folder on the server will most probably be mapped to a local drive for use.

Now, I'm thinking how this can be implemented in a network that each machine is an opensuse box. Suppose there is a file server "FS", shared network folder on "FS" is "/network" so some users in the network might have their own separate subfolders. Also suppose there is a machine "TESTING" and a local user "peter" on "TESTING" and his home folder on "TESTING" is "/home/peter".

I suppose one way to support using this shared folder on "FS" is this: Create a folder "/network/peter" for "perter" on "FS"; when "peter" logs on machine "TESTING", the folder "network/peter" on "FS" will be mounted as "/home/peter/FS". In addition, consider "peter" will never feel comfortable with command-line, we need to create something like a local drive icon like in windows for him to click to open the folder and do things like browse, save and open files, etc.

So, I have the following two questions:

1. How to mount a user's network folder on a server (S.A. "FS") to his local system when he logs on?

2. How to create a GUI icon (sth I cannot figure out) for using this folder on user's local x-window system?