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    setup gateway with identical two nic

    Howdy, I am trying to setup Debian server\router\firewall, where I have two nic (same brand and model) eth0 & eth1.
    eth0 -> adsl connection (modem
    eth1 -> home network hub (comp#1,#2,#3)
    They both come up with same IRQ (11), which causes problems trying to ping machines ip nos. Any setup and recommendations would be much appreciated.

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    The same subnet!?

    Hi there,

    My opinion is that a multihomed computer in the same nework twice...

    You're assigning for eth0 and eth1 an ip address in the same subnet I don't know the impact of this, or if it is the reason for that error, but wat I can tell is that isn't usual.

    If you want one nic, lets say eth0, to be connected to you're adsl modem, and the other one, eth1, to provide conectivity to your lan you just need to assign diferent subnet ip addresses to each one, like:

    ( lan pc <--------> eth1 ( IPV4 FORWARDING ( eth0 <--------> internet modem (

    Hope it helps, my poor english...

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    First of all, if you use two nics with the same subnet you'll have problems. Ofcourse.

    Make the ip for your router and the ethernet card 192.168.2.XXX.

    This wil solve the problem
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