Hello all,

A simple issue which has been puzzling me for some time : The only solution in my town to connect to the internet with reasonable speed is to go through a long-range Wireless provider.

Unfortunately, this provider does not care about network security (or cannot implement it) and I have to connect to him using CHAP with no encryption and a username-password we both know.

Under Win2k, everything was (quite) straightforward : selecting CHAP as only protocol allowed and "No encryption allowed (server will disconnect if it requires encryption)" in the Data encryption menu.

Under Linux it looks a little bit more tricky since, as default, encryption is implemented and we need to supply an encryption key. Networkmanager, supplied with Suse, doesn't seem to allow non-encrypted VPN, so I guess I'll have to do without it.

Does anyone see a way of connecting through VPN to this provider, only using username and password, in clear ? Thanks in advance for your ideas.