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    Can I use proxy-arp and NAT to route an "alien" computer to the Internet?

    I want to use a Linux box to bridge 2 etherogenous networks.

    Network 1 (eth0): The Internet
    Network 2 (eth1): An Ethernet segment where everybody could plug his computer. Don't even think of subnets...

    I want to allow computers connected to Network 2 to initiate requests to the Internet (browsing...).

    Of course, I can't figure out what is the IP address of a computer plugged on Network 2. If that computer is configured to use DHCP, I can provide it with all the parameters to route to the Network 1. If that computer uses a static IP address, I imagine to use proxy-arp to answer to that computer the MAC address of the Linux box, as its gateway. Then, I could use NAT to let him access the Internet.

    Can I consider such a scenario? What is needed to accomplish this?
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    I have already set:
    echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth1/proxy_arp
    arp -i eth1 -s 00:E0:4C:B0:1B:A5 pub
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