I am still trying to solve my problems accessing a Netware 4.1 server, running old DOS apps -- particularly Foxpro 2.0 LAN. The server has been mounted on my /home/admin/server1 directory. I am using ncpfs IPX package, and access is through IPX not IP. The problem I have been trying to solve relates to file and record locking -- the DOS version of lock() is quite different from the Linux version.

I was using Dosemu, tried Dosbox, got the old DOS apps up and running fine except for file and record locking. Someone suggested that I try a virtual machine so I got Qemu. I got everything up and running using Qemu, everything runs fine. EXCEPT! For some reason, when I access my Foxpro program, which is a shared program, it locks down other users who cannot use the program. Its as if when the server volume is mounted on the linux machine, it locks everything down.

I am using the following ncpmount command:

ncpmount -S server1 -U admin -P password -f 0777 -d 0777 /home/admin/server

What's up with this? I can do the exact same thing using Dosemu, and I don't have the file access problem. I moved to Qemu to attempt to solve my shared database record locking problem, and Qemu seems to make the problem worse.