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    Tracking Internet activity on network

    I have several computers attached to a single router that is then attached to the internet. Some of the computers are mac some pc some connected though wires some through wireless connections. I would like to be able to keep track of where the users are going on the internet. Can I set up a linux based router using a spare computer such that it will keep track of web pages/url visited including the day and time accessed. The set up would look something like this

    internet->linux router->normal wired/wireless router->all users

    I know I would need two network cards for my linux box. I have seen programs like squidGuard that will filter content from the internet but I am more intrested in knowing what urls are being accessed. Any help or pointers would be appretiated. I am not very comfortable with linux so don't try to be simple in any explanation. Thanks

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    You can use Web Monitor a free program I used a few years ago. Not sure if it is still available today or not. I know you can use ipcop to setup a firewall on a linux box and you can see all of the incoming and outgoing connections through there maybe?

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    If you want to track http connections just set up a transparent proxy.

    1) Install squid/dante as the proxy
    2) Set up iptable rules to force all clients to use your proxy
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