I have a home network with a machine running Linux doubling as a router for Internet connectivity. The Linux OS acts as the host and connects to an ISP where it gets/renews its dynamic IP address. The client machine is Windows XP that connects (via a LAN NIC) to the Linux machine. Everything is setup and almost perfectly fine. Except that there is this problem with the ISP ocassionally renewing the IP address. This results in the client machine losing its LAN connection to Linux and has to be reset.

The connection is obviously dynamic and the Linux box does not have to be reset itself. Its only renewing the connection on the Windows client machine. The time of the resets themselves look to be random, varying anywhere from 5 minutes to days. Currently, I have to manually renew the connection on the client to get connectivity again (disable/enable connection). Perhaps there something I can do in one of the machines DHCP configurations, but try as I prevail and to no avail at all.

Does anyone have any configuration ideas or suggestions that can remedy this problem?