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Thread: routing issue

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    routing issue

    Hi, I have a rather weird (I guess) network topology and I could do with a little help with the routing setup...

    ADSL <-> (Public IP 1) Hardware Router (Private IP) <-> (Public IP 2) Linux Router [Gentoo] (Public IP 2 + Private IP Bridged) <-> (Private IPs) Other Machines

    This is a simplified view of my setup, the Linux Router is actually a xen domU as are some of the "Other Machines", some are machines connected to a switch connected to the Gentoo Router, some are connected wirelessly using openvpn and bridged with a tap interface and some come in through the internet using openvpn, we'll forget about the IPv6 tunnel for now... But that is pretty much irrelevant.

    I have a block of 8 public IP addresses.

    I currently have masquerading set up on the Linux Router and everything works as expected, everything behind it can access the internet using it's IP address (Public IP 2), I can plug in a machine directly into the Hardware Router and give it one of my public IP addresses and it can connect to the net using it.

    My actual problem is this; I want to turn off masquerading on the Linux Router and give the machines behind it Public IP addresses, if I "just do it", the machines behind the Linux Router cant see past it, I'm thinking it has to be a problem with my routing table:

    Kernel IP routing table
    Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface

    PublicIPRange * U 0 0 0 eth2
    PublicIPRange * U 0 0 0 br0 * U 0 0 0 eth1 * U 0 0 0 br0
    loopback * U 0 0 0 lo
    default HardwareRouterIP UG 10 0 0 eth2

    Any ideas?

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    Sorted it, The Hardware Router needed a route added to it's table.

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    Hi, Cain!

    Thanks for reporting back with the solution.

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