This is more of an inconvenience than a problem, but Linux should be able to do things however I choose, right? Well here's what's up:

Whenever I boot, in order to get my networking going I have to type, as root,

modprobe 8139too (this is my ethernet card's module)
ifup eth0
And then I have to enter all of my iptables information. Now I know this could be done with a bash script to run at the end of the boot process, but I also know there should be a built-in feature for it. I have 8139too in my /etc/modules file, but it doesn't load. ifup runs from my rc0.d and rc6.d scripts every time I boot, but since 8139too isn't loaded, ifup fails. Why would 8139too load after I've finished booting, but not when /etc/modules is checked during bootup?

Again, I know this problem could be solved with a bash script that runs at the end of booting, but that seems like more of a workaround than a real solution. Any ideas?