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    Cisco VPN Client

    I'm running Centos 4.5 on a dell sc420. Life has been great. However, I'm a software developer and one of my client's that I have to vpn into is running a cisco vpn concentraitor with it configured to REQUIRE the cisco software firewall, and I can't connect. I'm not a networking guy but what I have figured so far seems to be that there is a configuration setting on the vpn hardware that can require the cisco software firewall to be on the connecting client. However, the only client that cisco provides with the sw firewall is the windows client. So here are my questions:

    1 - is it true that cisco does not provide a client that can work with the "required" software firewall switch turned on?

    2 - if cisco does not provide such a client, and I have a windows laptop at my house on the same linksys network, is there a way have my linux box use the vpn connection from the windows laptop?

    Thanks guys!


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    We connect to Cisco concentrators with a Cisco VPN client for Linux. There is definitely one for linux. It comes installed on all our machines, all I know is the executable is /usr/sbin/vpnclient.

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    Thanks likwid,

    I have "one" cisco vpnclient that does work if the "REQUIRES SOFTWARE FIREWALL" switch is turned off, but I can't seem to find a client that has that software firewall. If anyone knows of one, or another way around this issue, please let me know.

    thanks again,


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    Let me ask a slightly different question. I'm running Centos 4.5 (will be updating to 5 shortly). When I update to 5 I'll install the vmware virtualization package. At that point I can install windows in a vm and connect to my client with the windows cisco vpn client. Now here's my question. With linux as the base OS and a windows vm, can I share the vpn connection from from windows with linux?



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