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    Samba machine account creation problems

    I've just estabilished Samba 3.0.4 PDC. Windows 98 users can access shares, but winnt adn winxp can't. As read in manual I added machine accounts but it didn't help. In logs I read "no machine1$ account in domain" but pdbedit shows that machine1$ account is created. Why users aren't added to the domain ?

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    Nedd to add workstations to domain


    you will need:

    1 - enable users to access to samba, they could be the same unix users or others, or mapped users, see smbpasswd.

    2 - users accounts for workstations.

    3 - add workstation to the doamain like you do in any other microsoft native ambient.

    man smb, man useradd, man smbpasswd and google.

    I know that you'll need to change some registry strings to add windows xp or windows 2000 workstations to samba domains. Google helps you, and your /var/log/messages to.

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    As I said I created all accounts needed. There are only errors in domain logons. All machine accounts created like smbpasswd -a -m machine1. Win9x users logon to domain correctly.

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    Waht kind of fail...

    So win98 workstations login right, but Win2k/WinXP doesnt, right!?

    You can add those winXP to the domain with no problems?

    But when you go to logon it doesnt work is that?

    I can tell you that with my winXP professional workstations I had to change some registry strings related almost with WINS service. Try to google a while for "samba Windows XP workstations".

    Latter I can post here wat strings, and wat changes you have to do, also some options in my samba configurations.

    Post some errors, let us see something about your errors, do:
    tail -f /var/log/messages and then try to logon and look at the new log lines.

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