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Thread: Eth1 problems

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    Eth1 problems

    Hello Alll,

    I am having another problem. When I boot my comptuer, it says starting eth1: FAILED, but when i get into linux it works fine. Eth1 is my PCMCIA card. I have it initialize on boot. I think that might be part if the problem, but i really don't know. This is probably a pretty simple mistake. Please tell me if my guess is right.THNX!


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    is there any more verbose information in /var/log/messages that would indicate what the problem was?

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    Oh yes, that's true - PCMCIA cards can't get initialized in the normal network initialization, since the PCMCIA drivers haven't been loaded at that point. I don't remember exactly how this works, but I think you can just disable it from being started at boot. I think that all PCMCIA network cards are initialized either at boot (at the point where the PCMCIA drivers have been loaded, that is) or when you plug them in, whether you want it or not. =)

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