I am trying to extend the wifi range of a speedtouch 608 WL. I bought some sitecom wl130 range extenders to do that.
The channel number on the speedtouch was set to auto and the channel used was changing from time to time, so I locked it on channel 6.
I configured the range extenders on the same ESSID as the sitecom, set them on channel 6 also and gave them an IP address in the same range as the sitecom.
When all of that is done, I see (in the range extender's status page) that each range extender is correctly integrated in the speedtouch's wifi network

However I get very weird results : I can connect to the network when I am outside of the range of the speedtouch but inside the range of an extender, but only for a certain amount of time. After that it stops working : the wifi signal stays strong but the interface looses it's IP address and it acts as if the range extender was not in the range of the speedtouch anymore.

Someone has an explanation?
Are there other parameters I should configure in the speedtouch? Or in the range extender?