My office is going to switch ISP, and we need to have both the old and new ones running at the same time since we need time to switch the IP addresses in DNS servers, registrys, etc.

Therefore I have installed a eth2 in my Gateway computer running fedora/webmin, and set the correct NAT for both old and new IPs.

eth0 (LAN)
eth1 (old ISP) -GW: 201.1
eth2 (new ISP) -GW: 232.62

I have many services running on different IPs, I'll take one as an example
these two settings are running together
WWW service point to port80
WWW service point to port80

The problem is When using the Old ISP as default route the new connections doesn't come in. when switched to the new ISP as default route the old IPs dont' work.

I am able to make outgoing connections using both ISP as default route.



I wonder if there's any setting issue, or do i need additional software to make it run.