Hello All,

I am new to Linux, and I am installing Fedora-6. My boss asked me to install (VPN on 1 machine which runs LINUX Fedora-6) in an windows network environment. I am totally new and standing in middle of the road, need advice for the following things:

1. I have already installed Fedora-6 on the machines and dont know how to install and configure VPN on this machine. Please tell me which VPN software I need to install on this machine and how to configure this machine as VPN.

Basically my boss wants all clients should go through this machine.

The client site has the following scenario:

Internet Cloud coming into ROUTER then going to SERVER and then frmo SERVER its going to clients.

So, I want to make and install new machine as VPN on LINUX Fedora-6.

Thats it.....please do let me know this, I will be extremelly thankful to you guys, as I am new to this forum..thanks again......