hi! i've just set up linux for the first time, to be a file server:

ubuntu server
2 300 GB IDE hard drives
1 500 GB USB hard drive

i've formatted the slave ide drive and the usb drive to extended partitions.

i have a windows machine successfully rsyncing to a partition on the main drive, and i can access that main drive via sftp from my mac, but i can't seem to figure out how to access the partitions on the other drives.

i had hoped they would just show up inside of /dev/ because the paths after i formatted them were along the lines of /dev/hdb1, but there's nothing of the sort in the /dev folder.

i also tried setting my remote path in my sftp client to /dev/hdb1 and also just /hdb1 to see if i could login to the partition directly, but that of course didn't work either.

thanks in advance for help with this supremely noobish issue