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    Mini Linux system

    Ok I am hoping this is a simple request, but we shall see....

    I want to create a bootable mini cd with linux on it. I have seen several, either they are too big fo fit on a mini cd (Not a mini dvd) or they dont have what I need on them.

    I figure that I can create the linux install I want on a hard drive, but hat is where teh problem begins. How do I move that bootabel image I have on my hard drive to a cd that I can use on another pc?

    Any input would be appreciated.



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    start by stating what it is you want on the disk that current small distros dont have. Puppy linux is only 90 mb but not sure if that is small enough for small cd's.
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    Damn Small Linux was essentially created because the founder thought, "having a live distro that is small enough to fit on a mini cd is just too cool not to do." "DSL" comes in at around 50m. Download the DSL .iso, burn to disk and then try booting. After installation, whatever Linux apps there are that you need to run will almost assurredly be in the Debian repositories...
    apt-get install desired_package
    Another possibility might be Slax Frodo which is very small and very basic.
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    Ok so I download the DSL distro. How do I add a package that isnít already installed (And have it incorporated into the ISO)?

    As an example I want a distro with a current mozilla drivers for my wireless nic, and csh as my command shell and a few scripts I have written.

    Admittedly I am new to this and although I know how to open, exit and reclose an ISO file, I do not know enough about linux to just insert the files into the ISO manually and expect it to work.

    I know this is not a simple question or answer, but I do appreciate your willingness to help.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan;511524
    apt-get install desired_package[/code]
    which is very small and very basic.
    Unfortunatly DSL Linud does not have the apt-get command built in. I get an un reconized command error.

    Can you tel me what I am missing here?


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    You have to enable apt-get under applications>tools. You should also look through the mydsl repository for things you want. It has a pretty good collection of programs. You may also want to download a few packages from there like gcc and the flex bison libtool that you might want to install if you have any plans of compiling apps.
    Another distro you might want to check out is Feather linux. I haven't used it, but it sound's pretty nice. (Is more full featured I think.)

    After you get the apps you want, I believe you go to applications> tools> Dsl cd remaster. It will walk you through the steps and you'll have a cd with all your apps and settings on it. I'd also recomend having a flashdrive to backup your home directory on and also to have for adding more mydsl files to it. To backup, you go to system>backup\resore.

    I haven't used dsl for ages, so I might be a little off, but for the most part I think you should be able to figure it out now.

    PS: Nice to meet you dude. Welcome to the forum.

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    if you want to create your own customized DSL cd which includes all the packages you need with out downloading anything after booting

    then take a look at this
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