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    Question Command to "profile" a script? (i.e. execute it line by line with "hit space" breaks)

    Hi all,

    i am looking for a command/software that will "profile" a script file, i.e. execute it line by line, stopping for "Press any key to continue" type of message that awaits user input.

    I need this, because i have a large script that basically builds a custom GNU/Linux distribution, but i want to see the results of each step before hitting Space for instance to move on. And no, i would not want to log to a file instead, because if something goes wrong in the middle of my big script, and it simply continue, i will not know what went wrong until after the completion of the script when i look at the log file.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Linux Engineer aliov's Avatar
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    Probably there is many ways to do this but what i use the following .

    echo -n "Press Enter to continue"

    Hope this Help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aliov View Post
    Probably there is many ways to do this but what i use the following .

    echo -n "Press Enter to continue"

    Hope this Help.
    This implies i put the echo line mentioned after each part i want paused, right?

    The script has to go without such lines, if possible. What you suggest is hardwire the pausing logic inside the script file.

    perhaps some sort of piping could do?

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    I consider a profiler to be different from a debugger.

    The book below includes a chapter on a script debugger written as a shell script. It allows breakpoints, single stepping, etc.

    Often O'Reilly has the code on-line for downloading ... cheers, drl

    Title: Learning the bash Shell
    Author: Cameron Newham
    Edition: Third
    Date: 2005
    Publisher: O'Reilly
    ISBN: 0596009658
    Pages: 376
    Categories: bash, scripting, unix, linux, shell, programming
    Comments: 4 stars, 27 reviews (Amazon 2007.08 )
    Comments: ( I have 2nd edition, 1998 )
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