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    Any ideas yet?

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    Mabey you can find the config file for the gnome's session manager is? if you can find and post that, mabey we can just add another entry like "extreamly cool gui' that is the default and performs the same function as last?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlackerWannabe
    Any ideas yet?
    I think I found your directory


    # GDM Configuration file. You can use gdmsetup program to graphically edit this

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    Well I looked through the configuration files (all of them in the gdm directory, and even went through help), and tried gdmsetup, but it doesnt seem to hold the answer to my problem. I thought i had it for a second, because I found a file gnome.desktop in my Xsessions directory, and tried changing that, but it didnt work.

    I've decided to just give in and not even do graphical login anymore...but if anyone gets an idea, let me know.

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