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    Fedora 2 boot floppy if any

    I used Fedora 1 and Fedora 2 distro. I can make a boot floppy on Fedora 1 but not on Fedora 2. It allows to make boot floppy during installation but at the end of installation does not give a chance to make the floppy as Fedora 1 or RedHat 9 just ask you reboot. This is a bummer. I was told the Fedora 2 kernel is too big so what is the solution (or no solution no more boot floppy ?) I think a two floppy solution could be done but do not know how. I always used boot floppy because I could install multiple distros on one hard drive and it is safe bet that you do not loose your NTFS partition on the same hard drive.[/url][/b]

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    Indeed, the Fedora 2 kernel and initrd are too big for a floppy - that's why they removed that option. As it is now, I don't think there is a solution except to put the image on a USB keychain or similar, providing you have a such and also a BIOS that's capable of booting from them.
    That is a bummer indeed, but I think it's probably better than making the system worse just to make it fit on a floppy.

    However, you don't need to worry about loosing your NTFS partitions by installing a boot loader. The only thing the boot loader overwrites is the MBR - it doesn't even touch the partition table, and the MBR can, if necessary, be rewritten with Microsoft's bootloader by the Windows installation CD.

    On the other hand, you may have to worry about your Windows system by installing Fedora Core 2, since it contains a kernel bug that indirectly causes a rewrite of the partition table in a way that's incompatible with Microsoft's boot loader. It only happens on some systems, though.

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    Actually, I found out it isn't a bug. It was an intentional update, and considered a 'fix' for the kernel, because it retrieves the information it changes instead of 'assuming.' Microsoft still 'assumes' and doesn't retrieve the information that is changed, causing the error. It can be avoided completely by not installing GRUB. However, since FC2 requires you use GRUB, that is why most people are seeing the problem when installing FC2.

    If you are dual booting on seperate local hard disks, don't install a boot loader at all if you are having any worries, and just use your BIOS to change the primary and secondary hard disks, if supported. Or, don't install GRUB with the 2.6.7 kernel, and use either LILO or a 3rd party boot loader.

    And Dolda, I've heard if people try to repair their MBR's after this error using the WinXP disc, it corrupts the whole file system! I wish Microsoft and Linux would play nicely together :-/

    If anyone has anything to add or correct, please do...

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    Fedora 2 boot floppy if any

    Thanks you guys for the answer. Since myself looked into this matter I would like to share some findings. Mandrake 2.6 kernel is smaller then the Fedora 2 kernel (2.6 also) so size is dependent how it is built. There is a two floppy boot method where floppy one has the kernel and the second has the initrd and other files. Now I am looking Tom Fawcett "Linux Bootdisk HOWTO" article (kind of old article) which talks about this. An other method is make a higher density floppy with fdformat (you have to set up the /etc/setfdprm file for it) but I did not have any luck sofar making the floppy. They say you have to have the right floppy and drive. I hear you using separate primary partition for Linux but floppy is the cleanest and safest trouble free solution for booting Linux and you can have may Linux installation on the same drive. I used the separate primary partitios with different Windows but with Linux it should not be that way. I hope the Fedora people do something about this because I feel a way to do it but I do not know now but I am looking at it. Thanks again Bill

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