hi all

out of curiosity, yesterday, i set out to change my boring old cursor to something more animating. after installing red hat i noticed that i didn't need to be stuck with the same old black, non-animated cursor when using mandrake, slackware (or any Linux distro), so i began looking around to see whats available

it appears to change the boring old cursor to something immediately really nice, you really don't have to download or install anything extra. it appears there's already at least one other cursor ready to go... it's called whiteglass

to activate it, simple go into the x-windows icon directory

cd ~/.icons
now do a ls, if there is no default directory create one or switch into it

inside that you should see an index.theme file...

perry@localhost: md default
perry@localhost: cd default
perry@localhost: gedit index.theme
if the index.theme file does not exist (by default), create it and put the following two lines in that file: (or change to the following)

[Icon Theme]
now you can either log out and back in again, or if your in slackware, if you open your mouse settings box under gnome (desktop preferences) and just open and close it, the cursor gets generally reset.

now to take things a step further, you can download extra cursor pointers and install them in the .icons directory (or follow the readme file). the beauty of all this is that just by changing the index.theme file you can change you mouse pointers and have something really cool.

check it out

The JustGreen Mouse Pointer

- perry