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    problem installing gaim on Redhat 9 :(

    hey guys.. ive decided to migrate to linux due to i hate windows LOL.. and i have been having problems installing gaim.. now i was on the gaim home page.. and apparently to fix the SSl- support pop up when trying to log into MSN i have to download the gaim redhat9 rpm file..
    iam somewhat of a newbie to linux.. but this is bothering me.. i get this when i try to install the RPM

    warning: gaim-0.79-0rh9.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NO KEY, key ID 883c1c14

    error: Failed dependencies:
    gtkspell is needed by gaim-0.79-0rh9
    libao is needed by gaim-0.79-0rh9 is needed by gaim-0.79-0rh9 is needed by gaim-0.79-0rh9 is needed by gaim-0.79-0rh9

    and then it exits.. sorry for the stupid question but what do i need to get this working

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    i've rh9. i downloaded this one. i dont think it's gaim tho. but works fine.

    installed just fine. i am noob too

    sorry if not much help =) goodluck

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    its the MSN part of the program gaim i want.. but iam having those issues above listed

    thanks anyways

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    3,682 need to find the RPMs for all those packages and install them before installing gaim.
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    im not postitive if rh9 comes with yum support, but you should look and dling a RPM for the program called yum, once it is installed all you have to do to install gaim is type (while connected to the internet)
    *password to root*
    yum gaim
    this will dl and install all dependancies for the gaim file that ius compatable with ur distro. I think that rh comes w/ yum, so try just the code first.

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    I would just try to upgrade to Fedora 1 I know that has gaim and u can download from the red hat network update thing yum. I havent gotten fedora 2 to work right yet so I recomend fedora 1.

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    Hi kurrupt,

    If you're still having dependency troubles with installing the gaim RPM, you can find most of the RPMs (i386 RPMs) that you need at these links: (click on the big bold letters to download the tk RPM)
    ... Under the heading, "Aspell for RedHat Linux 9", download gedit, gnome-spell and aspell i386 RPMs

    To see whether you have the RPM installed, run:
    rpm -qv <name-of-rpm>

    If the RPM is already installed, update it with:
    rpm -Uvh <downloaded-rpm-source>

    rpm -ivh <downloaded-rpm-source>

    I just finally got gaim version 0.79 installed. But, I'm having troubles connecting to my msn account. :P (Error reading from Notification Server. )

    Anyways, hope this helps ...

    -- Adelaide

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