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    I started using Slackware 10 just a few weeks ago, and I love it. It's the first distro i've used. It is a very basic and stable distribution with pretty good hardware support. I have a sata drive, and it detected it off the bat (with the scsi.s kernel), but still running in compatibility mode because I haven't been able to find the drivers for it (and I've also heard that SATA drivers are still not quite up to par in linux).

    I haven't had any distribution related problems, just typical problems that everyone has with linux (configuration stuff). But slackware doesn't really do any hand-holding, so be prepared to deal with a lot of installing based off of source code (which is still the best way to do it, but a little hard sometimes), and dealing with dependencies too (having to install other programs, or libraries in order to get the program you want to work). But all in all, since I have time to learn it, its been a great experience so far. I still have tons of configuring to do though cuz I want it to be just perfect

    Either way, you'll be happy with any choice you make as long as you approach it with an open mind and just be prepared to get used to a new operating system.

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    Hehe, i remember that my first distro it's Corel Linux, and not detect my mouse, then i begin use a Mandrake 7.1, Redhat 6.0, and finally Slackware 7.1 for me, the best distro, now i use a Slackware 10 modify with a Xfree86 and others little parts.

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    Thanks for all the help I'm almost certain that I'm going to go with Fedora Core... Just because Slackware seems a bit difficult for a new user :/

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    Hi all ithink that linux is one thing and the difference among distributions is the install program they had.Also with internet search and configuring your pc i think that there will be no problem with any distribution.I used Fedora in the past but when i got Slackware i stuck with it.So it is related on your taste and you with some testing will find the distribution that fits you

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