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    new help

    Well zKilla,

    You show 120mb RAM probably meaning 128 installed and 8 mb shared for video. If this is correct I have some good news and bad news.

    First the bad:

    Any full featured desktop in Windows, Linux or otherwise is going to want 256mb RAM to scoot along properly. You will have to upgrade RAM to 256 if you want higher performance.

    I do not use Photoshop, but from several years of reading reviews, you can run it under WINE or under Windows in a virtualization with VMware or VirtualBox, but I hear that results range from perfectly perfectly sketchy. YMMV.

    Now the good news:

    If you have at least 700 mhz CPU speed ( I think you can check this under your hdwr tab in the system properties dialog box) AND.... if you upgrade to 256mb RAM you can run any of the following full featured desktop distros, and to send you on your way, most distributions offer a LiveCD version of their various releases just to get the feel of Linux without touching the hard drive. Remember that a LiveCD is going to run slower than a HD install.

    Mandriva 2007 or 2008
    PCLinuxOS .93 or 2007 (based on Mandy)
    Xandros 4.0 paid edition
    Xandros 3.02 OCE

    If you want to keep the RAM, there are several lightweight (in cpu usage terms, NOT quality) distros that use the XfCE desktop:

    VectorLinux 5.8 standard
    Sam Linux
    Mepis Antix

    Puppy and DSL are excellent distros but may be too off the beaten track for someone migrating from Windows.

    For image manipulation: I don't do that sort of work but I hear that GIMP is slightly less feature rich than PS but very usable by most any competent artist. Check out Xara xtreme ( I think it's web graphics software)

    Hope this helps

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    well im upgrading my Ram hear soon.. i got my eye on a 1Gb Kingston at best buy...

    i'll post a reply as soon as i get it...

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    Hey Zkilla,

    I just installed SUSE 10.3 and it really looks great, easy to install and configure .... you should take a look at It! dowload the KDE cd, ...(i had problem with DVD) you can burn it or just use any linux cd to boot and then tell it where the .iso is on Windows.

    "hope is fast and flies with robins wings"

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    Check out best deals on Ram

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