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    Question Giving Linux another try

    For the past 7 years, I've given Linux a try but have been thoroughly frustrated about several things. My biggest dislike is the none availability of a GUI based admin tool. Look, I've been computing since the late 70's, but I'd hoped that we've improved by now. It's like a huge backward step. DOS was the past, I'd like to keep it that way.

    The other thing that floored me the last time I tried any distro was the hoops I had to go thru to get anything to play my MP3's. They were standard MP3's, none encoded for DRM, etc. I don't use iTunes(shiver) or anything else. I've ripped them from my CD collection.

    So, here I am giving it another chance. I have a few questions, since I'm busier than I have been and want to just get 1-2 distributions and pick one - and make it do what I want.

    Here's what I want to do:
    -host website for testing (2 domains)
    -have the website hosted be PHP/MySQL enabled/capable (both domains)
    -GUI based "tweak"/admin utility for PHP/MySQL/Apache
    -host a test email for communication for the test (both domains)
    -play my MP3's - straight-out-of-the-box no muss-no fuss
    -GUI based updating utility for patches etc.

    One last item, no Mandriva. Sorry-I won't elaborate-I just won't use their product.
    I thank you all in advance.....

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    I think Linux Mint might be right for you. It's basically Ubuntu with a different theme but also has support for proprietary formats out of the box (mp3, encoded DVD's, etc.). It also has the Java JRE and the plugins work in Firefox by default. In addition to that, it has the configuration tools that SuSE included cerca 10.2 or SLED(?), which sounds like the kind of thing you need. Keep in mind, these GUI configuration tools in Linux are usually just for simple or default settings. They're not bulletproof. If you really need a powerful tool for such things, the command line remains, and will probably always remain, the best option for that.

    As for a GUI admin for LAMP, phpMyAdmin is probably considered the standard for that. It's fairly easy to install and set up.

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