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    Question Dlink DFM-562IS Int. Modem - which Linux Distro?

    First off, Hello to everyone. I've just joined this forum but I've been reading the thread for a while now. Stating the obvious, I. Need. Help.

    I need to have a D-link Internal Modem running on a Linux Machine, problem is, I haven't found a distro that runs it properly. Here's the few distros I've tested so far...

    Ubuntu 7.04 = not detected
    Ubuntu 7.10 = detected but can't query (hang during)
    Freespire 2.0 = not detected
    Debian = not detected
    Linux XP Desktop = can't find where to change hardware so...
    Fedora (old version) = not detected

    I'm currently downloading Fedora 8.0 but I'm not sure if it'll run.

    Thanks in advance...

    FYI: n00bie when it comes to Linux.

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    hi yenny,

    first off, i'd try running the KNOPPIX or even the KANOTIX live CD to check if
    these detect your modem. these distros are known for good hardware support,
    so it's worth a try, and you don't even need to install, just boot from the live CD.

    to detect your modem, you may need to load/install a driver first, and to
    know which driver to get we need to know the chipset of your modem.
    you can search the web -- maybe somebody uses the same d-link modem
    and has posted info on the chipset, or you can try to run a tool called
    scanmodem available on

    with information on your chipset your can search the database on that site
    to get info on the drivers that support the chipset (and hence your modem).
    keep your fingers crossed that your chipset is indeed supported.

    once you load the correct driver, you will detect your modem.
    good luck! kai

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    Thanks, I'll try it as soon as I get back. I'll post a feedback afterwards.. Thanks again!!!

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