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    Re: Im an Uber Newb needing help with the basics

    Quote Originally Posted by frustrated
    ok, heres my prob, I've just started using Linux after countless years of Windows, I know just enough about Linux to have installed it, and by the grace of some unknown god I accually got yahoo messanger installed( did so on accadent, just dont tell my freinds) I need to know where I can go to get some instructions on the basics, and be able to work my way up, remember, I downloaded and installed a free iso for a reason so lets not be talkin about gettin $40k books so I can learn to run a free operating system, and for the love of god, dont reply with the ever so irratating "oh you dumb worthelss newb" ego blown crap Ive gotten from so many other Linux users.............erg
    oh you dumb worthless newb

    Seriously though, I would say if you continue to read here you'll pick up things, and I would recommend one book. Linux in a Nutshell, they have it at Amazon.

    Also check out the link in my signature, it's another forum that may help also.

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    and of course a web search...

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    check out this link, this should help you getting started....

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