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    Which distro for ease of use?

    A friend of mine wants to install linux (with KDE) on his computer and I'm not sure which distro to give him. I've been using gentoo for a couple years now and haven't really played with anything else since Fedora 3 was out.

    At first I was thinking Ubuntu/Kubuntu but KDE wasn't working at all on another friends computer (they using a lot of clunky patches or something?)

    Now I'm thinking Debian or Fedora might be good but it would be nice if there was essentially no setup involved for apps beyond opening the package manager and selecting what to install. Do any distros offer that other than Ubuntu?

    What distro do you all suggest?
    Should I just grab Ubuntu and hope for better luck?


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    Here's a poll you can check for favorite distro for new linux uers:

    Based on the poll results, I'd say Ubuntu would be a good choice.

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    If you want an easy to use and set up KDE distro, try Simply Mepis
    or Kubuntu or course
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    I just downloaded Elive - its debian based and uses Enlightenment as its GUI. Its pretty fast, the machine I have it installed on runs Windows as well, and Windows crawls.

    I am new to Linux as well, and moving around seems to be pretty easy, and there is a package manager that you can install/remove apps.

    I am still learning all of the other Linux things, so I am on a steep learning curve (installing packages etc), but to do most of what Windows can its easy, and the package manager assists to get themes etc so it can be configured.

    Elive is a live boot, and can then be installed to your HD when all is working fine, and even helps in partitioning the drive.

    Hope it helps.


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