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Thread: VNC Install

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    VNC Install

    Hi All,

    I am a true nuewbie here, and really could use some advice. I am using elive linux, and just downlaoded RealVNC and trying to get it installed. I downloaded the tar.gz file, and ran the tar -xvzf command and created the new folder. This is where I am stuck.

    1. What am I suppoed to do from here - the readme file gave some instructions but it was unclear.

    2. I find I am having problems changing the dirctory to the new folder. In the terminal, I cd /home/sam and can see the new folder - VNC, but when I do a cd /vnc it says that it does not exixt, but I can see it and access the files in the File Manager.

    I have also read that I needed to be in root to do this? In elive, when I go to root I cannot find the terminal anywhere.

    Can someone help me? This is the first package I am trying to install. I also used synaptic and installed the VNC package, and it says it was successful, but how to I launch VNC? I use listening mode, server and viewer, but don't understand how to do this in Linux. You help is greatly appreciated.


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    if u edi cd /home/sam, use "cd vnc" instead "cd /vnc"

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    Unless they are doing something different in Elive over other distros, the vnc configuration directory is in your home directory as a hidden file... .vnc. So it would be:
    cd /home/sam/.vnc
    To launch the vncserver on this machine you would do as regular user:
    It will ask for password twice. Input that and vncserver should get up and running on the :1 instance of xserver. So from another machine (and provided all ports are open and clear) you would "vnc" into this Elive box from another machine using:
    vncviewer elive.boxs.ip.address:5901
    "5900" is the port that vnc will use and the "1" at the end of 5900 is the instance I spoke of earlier. If you wish to log into the :0 instance... (that is... the instance of xserver like you were actually sitting in front of the server machine), that requires some configuration to your /etc/X11/xorg.confg file. See here for more details on that.
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