Ok, well I've put this in Newb. so I wont get flamed for not knowing something as easy as NAT.
Well, I use Netcat now for doing NAT..
mkfifo vnc
nc -lp 5901 < vnc | nc <TargetIP> 5901 > vnc | cat vnc
Well, that does work. And I also have Sniffing(Logging) Power at the same time.
but now Id like to make this stable.
Since this doesnt always work.
And when a user disconnects you have to restart it.
Well you can fix that with a BashScript:
mkfifo vnc
while [ 1 -eg 1 ]; do
   nc -lp 5901 < vnc | nc <TargetIP> 5901 > vnc | cat vnc
But, well after reading I found out that it can be done with Iptables.
So I tryed. (And failed)
And that is so weird. I had one NAT that I knew that did work.
I copyed it. Changed the target IP. and it doest work...
So, whats a EASY way to Tunnel all the Traffic from the PC to

Thanks a lot.