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    my system clock(date) is not keeping motherboad clock(hwclock)

    hey guys,
    i read a couple threads/forums on linux time setting and syncronizing methods, i did them last night and rebooted, at first both my date, and hwclock were working at the right time, and now i am seeing that system clock (date) is one whole hour behind, can someone help me please?

    ohh when i say (date) i mean what i see when i type in "date" in terminal.

    im also wondering if it has to do with daylight savings setting?

    any help guys?
    im running debian.

    thankx in advance

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    write network-config-date on CLI and set the date or use date command with the following syntax
    date ddmmHHminyear:seconds and then check.

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    i have done this but it didnt work "date ddmmHHminyear:second"..with the approiate numbers

    "write network-config-date on CLI"
    im not sure what u mean by that, i am quite new to linux

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    if on the command line interface you will write
    it will pop up with a GUI where u can actually put the date and see on the tabs if there is any setting problem.

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    He means "type", when he says "write". It's to run the "network-config-date" command.

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