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    My Perfect Distro.

    I've used somewhere around 5 distributions in the past, and none of them have quite lived up to my expectations. Rather than just grabbing as many images as possible and having an install party, I figure I might as well ask here first.

    Some things I like in distros:
    -Utilities such as yum, apt, etc that let you browse and install packages easily. Theres nothing I hate more than having to scour the internet for hours looking for dependencies.
    -Laptop support. This is a big one for me, as my main machine is a laptop. Too many distros just flat out do not include support for simple things such as onboard wifi. A lot of distros also have significant issues with my laptop's hard drive, for some reason. Also, excellent power management is a must - I like to be able to monitor my battery closely.
    -Some ease of use. I've been using Linux for close to 5 years now, so I know my way around a command line, but I still like to have a nice gui interface and a good bit of automation. I hate having to spend an hour in Bash just to get my sound card to work.
    -Ease of installation. Manually creating a partition table sucks or a GRUB config file sucks.
    -Other simple things, such as support and automatic mounting for USB devices, and all the necessities

    Some distros that have not gone so well for me:
    -Ubuntu. I LOVE it on desktops, but there are still a LOT of kinks to work out for laptops. Specifically the now infamous hard drive power management issues that have been known to kill brand new hard drives inside of a year.
    -Mandrake/Mandriva/whatever. Too hard to find packages for unless they're on the repos, and it felt too much like Windows. Everything was done for you and it was hard to achieve the level of versatility that something like Red Hat gave you. I haven't used it since 10.1.
    -Fedora Core. Again, lack of laptop support as well as a few others things. Also isn't friendly at all with Wine.

    Any ideas?

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    Well, Gentoo, Arch, Mage, Lunar, Crux work fine for me. I like Gentoo and Arch alot. I like Debian a bit. and well I hate the Bloated Distros.

    Gentoo and Debian run fine on my laptop. Trying to install Arch now.

    From my list you'll hate Gentoo, Arch, Mage, Lunar and Crux.. Since of well its all that you have to write the Config yourself.

    If you like Ubuntu. Why not try Debian?
    Debian is good, stable and Great on Laptops.
    It did detect my wifi instantly.
    And eveything was fine..

    The thing was that I wanted to change my kernel afterwards..
    So, I did do menuconfig myself. Well
    I hope youll find what distro you want.
    And, maybe you should make your own Linux Distro
    What about LL (LaptopLINUX)

    heh Cheers,
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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