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    running command errors

    when i tried to run the xf86config command i get errot saying no such command or bad command line can anyonw help plz

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    Try xorgconfig.
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    Try typing "locate xf86config" at the terminal. This should find any files in system directories with "xf86config" in the name. You should find one in /usr/bin/X11. Now all you have to do is put this directory in your PATH environment variable, which tells Linux where to look for the programs that correspond to the commands you type in. PATH is a colon-separated string of all the paths that Linux will search. For example, my PATH variable, which I can look at by typing "echo $PATH", looks like this:
    Yours should look similar, and it should definitely contain the /usr/bin/X11 path, since that's where xf86config is, and you don't want to have to type "/usr/bin/X11/xf86config" every time you want to run it. So here's how to add a new path to your PATH variable:
    PATH = $PATH:/usr/bin/X11
    This means to take the current value of PATH ($PATH),add the string after it, and make that the new value of PATH. Hope this helps!
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    Are you logged on as "root"? The 'bash: :command not found' response can be confusing, 'cause you know it worked before... You get something similar when you try to cat a file or ls a directory that you don't have proper permissions to. Most configuration-related files and commands require root permissions. Usually, you can be superuser (su), but I think for xf86config you have to be root.

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